Tauseef Bari                                                               Associate

Mr. Bari is an Associate with Capitol Partners. Prior to this, he was a Senior Manager at ICICI Bank, India’s largest private sector bank. Mr. Bari led a team of twelve to mitigate risks worth $130M by implementing partnership credit support agreements with American, European and Asian based international banks as well as executed an $850M derivate transaction for one of India’s largest conglomerate to enable settlement to its foreign trading partner. Additionally, he was a Senior Consultant at TATA Consultancy Services, India’s largest information technology services company. Mr. Bari analyzed issues reported by client service data and restructured support models to reduce issues reported per support cycle, resolved high severity problem tickets in production environment and led a team of three to reduce page load time by 50% of a critical application on a major semi-conductor client’s portal. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from India Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli. He is currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration at Georgetown University. Mr. Bari is a CFA Level 1 & II and an FRM Charterholder.

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