Waht is our overall strategy?
  Capitol Partners, one of the Mid-Atlantic region's premier private equity firms, seeks to realize superior medium-term capital gains by investing in consolidating, fragmented industries by partnering with strong management teams to build companies through acquisitions and internal growth.
Capitol Partners' 'platform investment' strategy relies upon a company and its management team serving as the 'platform'--both in terms of industry expertise and management talent--for significant further investment in that industry.

Rather than making a number of separate investments in an industry, Capitol Partners prefers to make additional investments through the same 'platform' companies, whose management and strategy are already proven and familiar to the investment firm.

Consistent with this strategy of backing superior management, the firm does not interfere in the day-to-day operations of its portfolio companies but instead provides proactive governance through the board of directors. In addition to investing in its portfolio companies, Capitol Partners provides the following value-added services:

Formulating strategy

Optimizing the capital structures of its portfolio companies

Originating, analyzing, structuring, negotiating, and financing acquisitions

Recruiting additional talented management

Raising additional financing

What type of opportunities interest us?

Which industry segments are our primary focus?

How do we typically structure transactions?
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