Florida Palliative Home Care Acquired

September 1, 2011


WASHINGTON, DC--Capitol Partners, a middle market focused private equity firm, has announced the acquisition, through its CareSouth Health System platform company, of Florida Palliative Home Care of Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties. The acquisition marks the third CareSouth home health agency in Florida and is a component of the company’s strategic plan of growth through acquisition and development.

Acquiring this Ocala, Florida-based homecare agency is in line with the strategic growth efforts of CareSouth in Florida. According to T.J. Jubeir, managing partner of the private equity firm,"This acquisition continues to build upon our established homecare foundation and further solidifies our already strong position in the southeast in general and northern Florida in particular." The acquisition extends CareSouth's footprint in the northern Florida home health market.

“We are very excited to be a part of this thriving Florida community,” said Rick Griffin, CEO and President of CareSouth. “Our focus on growing the CareSouth brand is contingent on finding quality locations and building on solid, patient-centric values. Florida Pallative Homecare had all of those qualifications and more." He adds, "We will build on that foundation with the CareSouth commitment of providing more for our clients every day.”

CareSouth is one of the country’s largest providers of home health care services. Headquartered in Augusta, Georgia, the company operates Medicare certified home health agencies with 38 locations in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

For further information, contact Capitol Partners at 202.955.7960.


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