Giuseppe Scotto                                                               Analyst

Mr. Scotto is an Analyst with Capitol Partners. Prior to joining Capitol Partners, he was a Financial Analyst at MN INC. In this position, Mr. Scotto consolidated data from eight small businesses owned by the same entity into a portfolio; using pivot tables/charts, conditional formatting, and VLOOKUP/INDEX/MATCH functions to give easy access to historical data. As a Delivery Operator at GIURO INC, he maximized the logistics sector of the business by implementing delivery strategies with modern technologies and GPS, resulting in a 20% increase in supply for deliveries and more efficient service. Additionally, he was an Assistant Mechanic at AUTOSCOTTO in Naples, Italy. In this role, he compiled analysis reports of consumer purchases, classified orders by date as well as identified and mapped clients’ preferences, resulting in over 80 excellent customer service reviews. Mr. Scotto is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from George Washington University.

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